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Carpet Cleaning: Steam, Dry, or DIY?

It is important to choose right carpet cleaning method for your the carpets in your home. Some methods will leave a residue that will attract more dirt, some are quite ineffective, others may damage the fibres of the pile. There are carpet cleaning machines that you can hire from the supermarket which are made for DIY, unfortunately they are ineffective as they will hardly remove any dirt and are a waste of time and money. They also will leave your carpet very wet. This can be a health hazard, as the excess water will reach the bottom of the carpet and will create mould bad for your health and cause permanent damage – not to mention bed smell!

Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth

Dry cleaning – this method uses a rotating brush with a cleaning pad that has been soaked in a chemical, a solution or a solvent. Because there is no rinsing stage, dry cleaning will leave much of the chemicals still in the carpet, attracting more dirt with the normal use.

Steam cleaning – or hot water extraction – is recommended as the best method by almost all carpet manufacturers. It consists of spraying the cleaning solution (which can be an eco friendly detergent) on the carpet, then spots and stains are treated and finally the area is rinsed thoroughly with hot water that is immediately sucked up by a powerful vacuum system. Only steam cleaning is able of remove effectively pollutants, allergens, chemical residues, etc.. from deep within the pile.

At Star Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth we can help you choose  the right cleaning method and provide the most suitable type of carpet cleaning for your home.

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