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How do you keep your carpets looking like new?

One of the most common questions that we at Star Cleaning Solutions – Carpet Cleaning Perth are asked is: how do we keep our carpets looking clean and good? How often should we get our carpets steam cleaned?

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What we recommend first of all is vacuuming carpets at least weekly, more often if they get a lot of traffic. This is our best tip for carpet maintenance. There is no rule, it’s just common sense. Although your carpets might not look particularly dirty – dust, sand, harmful bacteria, dust mites, allergens, hide in the pile and at the bottom of the carpet fabric, and vacuuming often is always a good idea.

Some types of carpet such as wool or high pile will “hide” sand and debris giving the illusion of being clean although they are not. The same can happen with darker colours, which are usually more “forgiving” than low pile or woven fabric carpets of lighter colours.

Protecting the high traffic areas with mats and rugs is another useful tip, especially in the living areas, kids play areas, hallways, dining areas, etc.

We, at Star Carpet Cleaning Perth, recommend the steam cleaning or dry cleaning of carpets every 6 to 8 months or whenever your carpets start to look “dull” or smell musty: a sign that bacteria is growing in the pile! Application of a fabric protector such as Scotchgard after the steam cleaning will act as a repellent for spills and soil.

For more information or concerns regarding the good maintenance or the cleaning of your carpets, please call us, at Star Cleaning Solutions – Carpet Cleaning Perth we will be happy to discuss or give you some good advice.

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