You may be asking yourself what Ultrasonic blind cleaning even is? Ultrasonic blind cleaning is a process that uses high frequency sound waves. These bubbles implode when they come into contact with water. Tiny vibrations form from this process which power cleans the blinds. It’s the most safe and effective to do blind cleaning here’s why:
Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Perth

#1 It keeps you, your children, and your pets healthier!

Ultrasonic blind cleaning targets any dust, or grime that begins to build up on your blinds. If you have someone close to you with asthma, seasonal allergies, or even respiratory problems these issues can worsen with dusty blinds. Ultrasonic blind cleaning has been shown to significantly increase the air quality in households.

#2 It works on virtually any type of blind!

With so many types of blinds, many people often wonder if ultrasonic blind cleaning will apply to their particular shades. Luckily, ultrasonic blind cleaning can work on venetian blinds, verticals, silhouettes, and even honeycomb shades.

#3 It’s LESS money out of your pocket!

Who doesn’t like saving money? Many people simply throw away their household blinds when they accumulate a lot of dirt and debris. While throwing away an inexpensive blind doesn’t seem like a lot, it can add up. Ultrasonic blind cleaning allows those blinds to be preserved and puts more money in your pocket!

#4 It’s eco-friendly!

It’s important to preserve our planet as much as possible. Ultrasonic cleaning uses aqueous solutions. This means is that no greenhouse gases, and no solvents. These solutions are also recyclable!

#5 It takes virtually no time!

When cleaning blinds, the cavitation process takes just seconds. After it is taken out of the solution, it gets rinsed off with water. This is one of the quickest methods of cleaning any household appliance!


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