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Does the Sun Fade Carpet?

You just purchased brand new carpet for your house. The carpet is crisp, clean, and in pristine shape! People are often concerned about not getting the carpet dirty, whether it be from food and drink stains, or foot traffic. But, many people fail to recognize that environmental sources could slowly be causing damage to your brand new carpet!

Carpet fading is a change in color over an extended period of time. It is typically calculated by the by evaluating the color of a material around two or more points in time. Embrittlement and cracking (which is also referred to as “sun rot”) is a prime result of sun exposure. Fading actually starts the second you place your rug or carpet in any natural light, even if you haven’t noticed it yet. If you would like to keep your carpet or rug in excellent condition the best time to take action is immediately!

  • Ultraviolet light accounts for about 40% of the fading process
  • Solar heat and visible light each account for about 25% of carpet fading
  • Indoor artificial lighting, humidity, heat, and poor dye affinity account for approximately 10% of fading

Ultraviolet radiation is the single largest contributing factor in fading of carpeting, fabrics, and other home furnishings. But, visible light, electric lighting, humidity, the age of a fabric, fabric dyes, and heating all together play a role in the fading process. Since Ultraviolet radiation accounts for a large percentage (40%) of damage, it’s absolutely imperative to protect against UV light not only in warm, hot, and sunny climates; but even in colder and cloudy climates! Ultraviolet radiation can damage furnishings even in colder regions.

Practically the greatest threat for carpet fading is from your windows and glass doors that face the southwest. However, even carpet that is unprotected from direct unfiltered sunlight (from any route) can evolve noticeable fading damage in as little as six months. If fading occurs in carpeted areas that are susceptible to unfiltered sunlight, it is not an indicate that a carpet has inadequate light fastness properties. Majority of all carpet warranties will generally exclude color fading as a manufacturing defect for this particular reason.

Tips to Prevent Your Carpet From Fading

  • Move your carpets and rugs out of direct sunlight. Even if the sun could potentially reach your carpet, your best bet is to move it to the central point in a room, opposed to next to the windows.
  • Use some protective window treatments. They specifically make UV blocking window coatings, and they can be unnoticeable if you purchase them in clear.
  • Close your draperies, curtains, and blinds. If you do not like blocking the sunlight while you are at your humble abode, you can still close the curtain or drapes while you are at work (which are typically the peak sun hours).
  • Use carpet and rug protectors. Many retail stores sell fluorocarbon protectors that need to be applied periodically. Just make sure you purchase the correct product that is safe for carpet or rug material.

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